When are you really out of debt?

Suze Orman says there is bad debt and good debt; and that at times credit card debt can be good debt but those times are rare.

Good debt would be a home mortgage (building equity for the future) and/or student loans to improve your education so you can increase your earnings.

Bad debt is any debt that lets you buy your wants and pay for them later (in the context of wants vs actual needs) and allows you a feeling of false security.

So my philosophy is debt free is being free from the overburden; being able to save; knowing I can pay my bills on time and not running up charges on the credit cards; yes I use cc’s but I pay them off that month or within a month or two. I can sleep at night without my mind running endlessly about how to pay this and where am I getting the money to pay for that.

So, our best bet would be to pay off all credit cards, then pay off our RV and truck, then work on the house? Now, the big question, do we pay off all debt THEN save or try to save along the way even if it takes longer to pay off debt? I’ve heard mixed opinions on this.