Making offer to pay off debt

I checked again and it shows that I owe $2000 actually, 1700 for one of them, and 300 for another one. Both are going to the same collections agency. I tried calling the hospital and see if they couldn’t handle it instead of the agency, and they said they’re the ones that handle it. Both of ’em are about 3 years old and, even the few bucks I did send them, apparently they never received (it was literally only a couple bucks).

This debt is from a hospital bill btw. How low should my first offer be for them to clear my debt I owe them? and would my credit show that the debt was paid? how would it look on my credit report?

I know we’re all here because we want to get out of debt. What exactly are we saying by that? For example, is it a bad thing to be paying a mortgage? Or a car payment? Here’s our personal situation: We have a truck payment, a trailer payment (RV), a house payment and a few credit cards to pay off. We make enough that we have never missed a payment, but at the end of the month there is nothing left for savings. We were able to pay a big chunk of the credit card debt with our tax refund and may be able to pay more when my husband gets his bonus in April.

Our main concern in our credit card debt, of course. After that is paid off, are we to say that we aren’t financially free until we have no payments whatsoever, even a mortgage? If so, then we would be depriving ourselves of all the fun things of life until we have paid everything off just in time to be too old to enjoy it!

Hope my question makes sense.

Because my goal is to pay off everything and owe nobody anything. That includes house, car, everything.

The only way to have financial victory is to spend less than you make. If you have nothing left for savings, then you need to make adjustments to your income and/or outgo.

I paid off my first house so it’s possible but I have another mortgage now plus lots of other debt. I guess the trick is to pay them off (work on it) and NOT get into debt again which is so easy, especially when you have no debt, then you think a few small things will be ok and then the debts just seem to grow after that kind of thinking.

Some families do actually become debt free.

We achieved debt freedom in the month of Dec 2004. That is we own our home, two cars and have no cc or other debt. We were able to become debt free by setting up a budget sticking to it and living below our means. When one is debt free one can build assets which pay you monthly income instead of paying monthly on liabilities which is debt. One should buy assets that pay you monthly instead of buying liabilities which take money from you monthly. Pay your self 10% first to build an emergency fund, after you are debt free then you have all that money that was going to pay liabilities is now available to buy assets that pay you monthly toward financial freedom (early retirement). It is not how much income you make it is how much of it you keep.

We are always paying others our money ie. mortgage, auto loans, cc companies, utilities, why not pay yourself 10% first before paying the others. Marriages are falling apart due to the stress of debt. Being debt free is real freedom and peace.

When one gets into debt it is over a period of time so it will take time to get out of debt.

Don’t lose hope it is a process but well worth the effort.